A whole new world of eBooks and learning

Using eBooks in SchoolsThe world of eBooks has changed hugely over the last few years.

With the Kindle being the number one Christmas gift in 2011, eBooks are quickly becoming part of everyday life. But how can we use them to enhance children’s learning?

Over several years of working with teachers and literacy experts, Rising Stars has seen how using eBooks with struggling readers (particularly boys) can make a huge difference to their attainment levels.

Where they may be reluctant to pick up a hard copy book, many turned-off older boys are happy to get on the PC or eReader and have a go at reading on screen.

They are engaged and switched on to the world of words in a completely different way!

And that engagement doesn’t have to exclude hard copy books, as hopefully once their reading level improves they can go on to enjoy reading across a whole range of media.

Helen Nelson, Marketing Manager, Rising Stars

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